Evaluation Report

You can’t always roll the dice 6×6

But with us…

you may Hit the Jackpot!always a 6x6 logo

For a good promotion of your project to our Partners

we have to know the following:

What do you have…

What do you want…

What you can get…

How much is “that doggie in the window!”…


for this first we have to do our Evaluation Report for the business.

We are interested in the following main topics:

  • Assumptions and limiting conditions of the project
  • Financial analysis:

o    of the adjusted and un-adjusted balance sheet

o    of the adjusted and un-adjusted income statement

o    comparative industry analysis – if possible

  • Valuation methods

o    book value

o    liquidation value

o    capitalization of earnings, ROI

  • Summary of valuation methods
  • Discounts and premiums
  • Conclusion

After we will conclude these documents we will can have a first image of the future investment security.

Based on these we will determine the right investor type and the right way of moving forward with the plan.


When we promote a project we show numbers to the potential investor:

The budget including

set up costs

start up costs

roll up costs

investment need it in first 3 years

gross profit per unit or GP

exit value in 3-5 years