Dear Managers and Owners, 
The times are new,

the challenges are new

The slogan of “the angels” is : “Everything starts with an idea” .

Yes , but most of the time with a bad one….or an old one…

8 of 10 want to reinvent the warm water …

And if you have the chance to “have a good idea” you’ll need to achieve the goal of that good idea and to be able to fight “the future” in all its aspects.


To win this the new game is a MUST to achieve THE FOUR TASKS!

For this you have to hire the right persons for the right job to do that tasks better then you dream of.

The first of the four tasks is to find “the Thinkers”-This will be your first job.

The Thinkers will define your “idea” and put the right questions.

Then you must find “the Builders”-This is your second job.

The builders will convert those idea into reality.

After this , based on the past experiences and “problems”.

So you must find “the Improvers”-This is your third job. 

The improvers will transform your  “idea” into reality, better than before.

After these three tasks you must find “the Producers”-This is your fourth job.

The producers will do the work over and over again, delivering quality goods and services to the company’s customers in a repeatable manner.  
In time when the business will grow, They will form a syndicate, for sure.

Keep this in mind: Don’t think that “if you can suppress one hole you can keep the fluid coming from a 100 holes…”.
This will be the circle of your business as many time when a new process begins again with a new idea and new ways of doing business will be enough developed as the old ones become stale.
As a company grows and reaches maturity, more of the work gets done by “the Producers” and “the Improvers”. However, without a culture of consistent improvement, “the Producers” soon take over and implementing change becomes slower and slower until it stops. This is when “the experienced ones in failures” are still in places. Long before this, you’ll realize that “the Thinkers” and “the Builders” have left ” the ship” for some new venture, “the Improvers” will soon follow to join their former co-workers and hire “new Producers” to add some order to the newly created chaos. The old Producers who aren’t continually evolving, learning new skills and processes, are left behind to fend for themselves. 
The key to success is by maintaining balance across all four work types as a constant and is a necessary struggle for a company to continue to grow, adapt and survive in this new so called “global economy”. Every job has a mix of all four work types dependent on the actual work involved, the scope and scale of the role and the company’s growth rate. To ensure balance and flexibility, all of these four work types should be taken into account when preparing any new performance-based job description. 

stas network logoIn our concept of new management, here’s how the jobs must be done

The Producers: these people execute or maintain a repeatable process. This can range from simple things like working on an inbound help desk and handling some transactional process like basic sales, to more complex, like auditing the performance of a big system, writing code, or producing the monthly financial reports. Producers typically require training or advanced skills to be in a position to execute the process. To determine the appropriate Producer performance objectives, ask the hiring manager to define how any required skill is used on the job and how its success would be measured, e.g., “contact 15 new customers per week and have 5 of them agree to an onsite demonstration.“ This is a lot better than saying “the person must have 3-5 years of sales experience selling to sophisticated buyers of electro-mechanical control valves.”

The Improvers: these people upgrade, change or make a repeatable process better. Managers are generally required to continually monitor and improve a process under their responsibility. Building, training and developing the team to implement a process is part of an Improver’s role. Improvers can be individual contributors or managers of teams and projects, the key is the focus on improving a existing system, business or process. A performance objective for an Improver could be “conduct a comprehensive process to determine what it would take to improve end-to-end yield by 10%.”

The Builders: these people take an idea from scratch and convert it into something tangible. This could be creating a new business, designing a complex new product, closing a big deal, or developing a new process. Entrepreneurs, inventors, turn-around executives, deal-makers, and project managers are typical jobs that emphasize the Builder component. Ask the hiring manager what big changes, new developments, big problems or major projects the person in the new job would need to address to determine the Builder component. An example might be, “lead the implementation of the new SAP supply change system over every business unit including international.” This is a lot better than saying “must have five years international logistics background and strong expertise with SAP.”

The Thinkers: these people are the visionaries, strategists, intellects, and creators of the world, and every new idea starts with them. Their work covers new products, new business ideas, and different ways of doing everyday things. Ask hiring managers where the job requires thinking out-of-the-box or major problems to solve to develop the Thinker performance objectives. “Develop a totally new approach for reducing water usage by 50%,” is a lot better than saying “Must have 5-10 years of environmental engineering background including 3-5 years of wastewater management with a knack for creative solutions.”

your dollars

Recognize that if you can build a management team with peoples where every person is comprised of a mix of each work type, with one or two dominant, you have a winner team. Likewise for every job. Most require strengths in one or two of the work types. As you select people for new roles, it’s important to get this blending right. This starts by understanding the full requirements of the position, the strengths and weaknesses of others on the team, and the primary objective of the department, group or company. In the rush to hire, it’s easy to lose sight of this bigger picture, emphasizing skills and experience over performance and fit. This is how the Builders get hired instead of the Improvers and the Thinkers get hired when the Producers are required. 
While there are only four work types, hiring the wrong one is often how the wrong work gets done.
So the moment of truth in a owner-manager life is to decide and recognize and most important is TO ACCEPT that is time for him to :
let the Thinkers -to think ,
have the right Builders – to build, 
hope The Improvers that they – will improve 
check the Producers when they – will produce!

When you have this new four division in place you have the company for the next millennium.

All the rest is just a “massage” on the cherry wood leg!
Sooner or later you’ll be pass by the one who understand that now you have to think before build and improve the work before let that to be produce!

IBTFTY FSSo “let STAS help you”.

We think there is no more ” I have experience for …..because I use to do something like this ….” .

How you can have experience in something you never did before? BS.

Just because you use to eat at a Shabu-Shabu restaurant for past 3 years didn’t make you an expert in a Shabu-Shabu fusion restaurant today ….

Lets have a look on he future businesses in the world. In my opinion there is only “the Chinese economic model” , all the other will just FOLLOW. Theirs solution is to develop a “new Hong Kong in whole China” – this will save this economy from collapsing. Even the government didn’t want to accept everything is done, in economy, is on this way. After 5 years of Chinese reality … I can say for sure that somehow Darwin was Chinese…