We call Lady ANION™

the “next generation”

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because from the very beginning Lady ANION™

radically modified the notion of sanitary napkin pads.

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If until now the sanitary napkin pad concept just covered a “necessity”, Lady ANION™ changed the concept of “something necessary” into “body-care, prophylaxis, fight against genital diseases and comfort“.

There are five main characteristics that make Lady ANION™revolutionary:

1) Annihilation of bacteria and viruses(negative ions);

2) Extra absorption capacity(5 to 10 times higher than most competing products);

3) Air ventilation which maintains the feeling of “dryness”, eliminating that unpleasant sensation of “wetness”;

4) Non-recycled, high quality components(food-grade glue and dust free paper);

5) Helping the immune system(infrareds).


The production process that renders Lady ANION™ unique has been devised to maintain a superior level of hygiene (purified air production line, aluminum foil packaging with sealing capability).


Lady ANION™ main features are achieved using an anion chip with ceramic powder inserts (containing tourmaline, germanium, confined volcanic rocks, etc.). This chip launches a large number of negative ions that annihilate in a purely physical process bacteria (which are basically micro organisms with a positive charge – positive ions). This chip also produces long infrared waves that penetrate the skin. These waves heat and distend blood vessels, lowering the blood pressure, giving a superior blood oxygenation. Another advantage that derives from the use of this anion chip is the substantial reduction intake at the cellular level.


Lady ANION™ sanitary napkin pads are made of double absorbent cotton (very soft– it is highly important because it comes in contact with the skin), transfer paper layers without impurities (because of the purified air production line) and patented absorbent material (approximately five times stronger absorption power that in common sanitary pads), waterproof tape that seals liquids and allows air flow, providing superior ventilation. These features give Lady ANION™ another serious advantage regarding hygiene and comfort compared to most common sanitary pads that use recycled materials (which may contain lead, mercury, cadmium, formaldehyde).


An anion is the ion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged).

The negative ion is a natural relief factor against environmental and biological pollutants. Anions are odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments like mountains, waterfalls and beaches.

Once they reach out bloodstream negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost our daytime energy.

Negative ions are created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation and moving air or water.

In nature, ions are generated in abundance wherever energy is transferred into the air, for example by ultraviolet light from the sun, by friction within wind and rain, the splitting of water into droplets by waterfalls and surf, and by natural radiation in rocks and soil.

Places we find refreshing such as in the mountains and near waterfalls and seashores – where health resorts are traditionally situated – are found to have high concentrations of negative ions. Whereas areas with high levels of positive ions often make us feel uncomfortable and irritable.

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Our products have a specially designed layer that in contact with the human body will emanate negative ions thus helping the body fight harmful bacteria. Our Negative Ion and FAR IR sanitary napkins promote micro circulation and are having a positive effect on internal environment, metabolism, internal secretion, immunity, anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory ability, reducing psychological pressure, eliminate smell and fatigue.

 Lady ANION™  Premium Line

8 Layers Patented Technology

by Florin Suciu

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Lady ANION™ Day Use – 10 pads – sanitary napkin pad for daily use, high capacity absorbent for the menstrual period, 3xdrops, size 240 mm

Lady ANION™ Night Use – 8 pads – sanitary napkin pad for night use, high capacity absorption for the menstrual period, 4xdrops, size 290 mm

Lady ANION™ Maxi Use – 6 pads – sanitary napkin pad for the menstrual period, highest capacity absorption from our range, 5xdrops, size 330 mm

Lady ANION™ Day Liner – 16 pads – sanitary napkin pad for daily use, outside the menstrual period , medium capacity absorption, 2xdrops, size 160 mm

Lady ANION™ Pantiliner – 24 pads – sanitary napkin pad for daily use, outside the menstrual period, low capacity absorption, 1xdrops, size 155 mm

Lady ANION™ Tanga-Liner – 20 pads – sanitary napkin pad for daily use,  outside the menstrual period, low capacity absorption, 1xdrops, size 155mm, specially  designed for thong lingerie

Lady Anion™ Incontinency Pads – 15 pads – day and night use, 4xdrops, size 180 mm

Lady ANION™ Menopause Pads – 20 pads – day and night use, 2xdrops, size 180mm

Lady ANION™ pH self test – 1 test – came with all packages

The “8 Layer”

patented technology

by Florin Suciu

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