Real Estates

Real estate spin offs

Real estate investment and dis-investment

Consultancy on real estate services

Prestigious clients have entrusted us with important mandates for finding or selling real estate complexes for commercial trade, hotels, residences, as well as research for identifying development areas for real estate initiatives relating to logistics centers, industrial structures and tourist villages.

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Dubai, EAU

The financial aspects

Our knowledge in respect of the economic-financial and underlying fiscal implications of property operations permit us to select the opportunities which guarantee a “IRR” (internal financial return rate) which is adequate enough to satisfy the needs of even our most demanding clients.

International capability

Ignacio valencia

International Real Estate Strategist

Ignacio Valencia

Well known national and overseas operators have accredited us for our ethics and professional competence, so much so as to delegate the function of “Adviser” to us on both our national territory and on European markets. Thanks to our participation within our network we are able to extend our searches to markets outside of the USA, such as Latin America- Mexico and Guatemala, Asia- China and Hong Kong and Middle East- EAU Dubai, European Union- Romania and Greece

Nea Peramos 2

Nea Peramos, Kavala, Greece

Spin Offs

We are able to organize operations for separating real estate activities from commercial or industrial activities through civil and fiscal formulas which optimize the management of property patrimonies as well as the core business activities of companies.
We are able to constitute Real Estate Funds under Italian law or the laws of other countries, set up Trusts, or organize Sales and Lease Back formulas which assure the recuperation of the property ownership rights on set due dates.

An operating network

We do not wish to, nor do we, state that we can do everything, and it is for this reason that we use external professionals, carefully selected for their technical competence and ethical practices, who assist us in examining the administrative and urban development implications tied to a project or for industrial conversion.

Shenzhen by night

Shenzhen, China