Royal One Plaza LA

“Royal One Plaza” Los Angeles

Proposal for the Chines Association of Furniture manufacturers in Shenzhen

On the trip we establish the  Chinese Latino and Black American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles, CA.
I’ll invite the President of UCCLA – Mr. Manolo Cervalles, , BACC- Mr. Barry Smith  and Chinese furniture and Appliance Association -Mr. Chang President
1- we rent a big space – 5,000 sqm – at the mall
2- We invite the furniture manufacturers from this are ( from the Royal One Plaza , Ramada Plaza and more ) to be part of this Chamber
3- They must shipped at least 1×40 GP container with samples and a full catalog to be part of the Chamber of Commerce and to be promoted into the location in Los Angeles
4- for BRONZE status – we will promote them and sell their furniture and appliances into the location  for a commission 
5-  for SILVER status – we will develop the web site for them in the  CLBACC site and have them included in all our advertising and promotional materials 
6- for GOLD status – we will promote the Chinese companies to all the furniture fairs in US and Latino America – for extra costs just 
7- for VIP status -with a monthly fee we will introduce them to all the residential association in California and Latino America
8- for ROYAL status – with an extra fee- they will have preferential location in the store and representation on the Melrose Place store
9- one -two person for each member can be at the location , but we want to give the place an American feeling , more than an Chinese one. The place will be administrated by the American partners from the other Chamber of Commerce
10- all the administration for the members, products , catalogs , shipping and promoting the chamber will be under the supervision of Mr. Chang and managed by our persons here at the hotel
11- a monthly meeting will be take place at the hotel -this will fill the rooms at the maximum capacity – with the old members and the new ones to evaluate the sales and the needs of the development
12- a bid fair will take place at the store two times per year , one at the store location and one in other location in California or Nevada

Plan for the fees:
Bronze level – 100 USD per month plus 10% commission from all sales outside of the store
Silver level -Bronze level  plus 200 USD per month 
Gold level – Silver level plus 300 UDS per month
VIP level -Gold level plus 400 USD per month
ROYAL level -VIP level plus 500 USD per month

The level fees must be paid for next 3 month at once.
The products from the store must be exchanged at least at every six month if they are not sold during this time.
If the products are sold they must be replace in a month time, or have them in the warehouse for starting with the VIP level.
The value for the goods shipped into the container must be over 10,000 USD.

To open the store we need at least 20 companies for ROYAL Level. 
This means 1,500 USD x 20 = 30,000 USD  in cash. 
With this money we can run the place and do all we promise .

Also we will have 20 containers of goods to be sold immediately .
This goods can be from another stores or locations because we want to give a minimum 50% discount at the opening to the public and companies.

So based what I saw at the Royal One Plaza over he street and into the Ramada Plaza there are at least 100 companies with NO sales at all in past 6 month so they can move the furniture NOW before they leave the place for another one . Because this is what hey do . They are starting leaving the place because of no sales !!!
They have here now 50-70% discount for high grade furniture and very expensive one.
If we offer to the Royal One Owners the possibility of promoting our project to all their customers and have them make understand that hey are part of this project and they want to help the manufacturers to grow up their sales overseas in USA and Latino America will save their location and make customers happy. 

What is for a big manufacturer a container of products ? Even is a 10,000 USD or more value? NOTHING !!

But for the first time they can be represented professional in a place at the highest level in USA. 

They have already moved for so many times the furniture exposed there to different fairs so it’s old, rusty, full of defects and all the rest. They will take care a little bit to fix it and we will presented to be sold immediately . 

As we usually do in US , people want to be ” the first to know ” and ” to buy” so we always have the pure-sales inventory to offer at the “Imported price” !!!

They just wan to be able to look around and choose between the first ones from the inventory at the best price . 
This price for us it will be very very good , so we can have half of the store fill with OUR furniture from Mr. Chang factory and some on a side to help us to cover the costs. 

We want to make the best impression with Mr. Chang products and have all the best ” SALES” all the time.

Presented by Florin Suciu