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Market-Orders offers an One-Stop-Service that provides a full range of support and assistance for the implementation process of investor’s projects. From making the designated personnel follow up and to assist from the initial inquiry to the implementation of the investment plan in Asia, as well as various administrative procedures that are involved in getting the investment plan off the ground.

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 Ricardo Ionescu, Manager of Market-Orders

Sales Extension: To develop and extend the marketing channel of imported commodities and to establish an on-line information publishing platform of the imported Commodities.

Image Publicity: To establish special funds for publicizing, and to carry out the image publicity of the Imported Commodities step by step.

Knowledge: To establish a practice base for import trade and to enhance the actual operation capacity of import foreign traders.

Property Rights Protection: To establish a system of intellectual property protection mechanism, and to build a good management environment for imported commodities.

Supporting Service: To add soft & hard supporting facilities, such as tourist reception, new products publishing and custom clearance, etc. And to establish a self-regulatory organization for the import trade.

Who we are looking for: Merchants of imported commodities trade that are dedicated to make the most of the platform of Market-Orders to develop import and export trade.

Industries for attracting investment: Jewelry & handicrafts, food (including wines) & health care products, clothes & daily merchandises and other imported commodities and industries that are suitable for the purchasing need from domestic and international markets, and that has close combination and strong relevance with Market-Orders.

We facilitate most of the business for European Union Countries .



Application Form for Imported Commodities

Application Report

Project Planning Paper

1. Basic Information of the Applicant
2. Condition of Commodities to be moved
3. Arrangement of Commodities Channel(mainly is to go through customs and commodity inspection , etc. )
4. Requirements and Planning( determined according to the industry , actual varieties and quantity of the commodities)
5. The plan and thought of Operating Management
6. Condition of Capital Operation
7. Project Schedule

Relevant Information of Certificate

1. Relevant Information of the Applying Unit( Business License , Tax Registration Certificate, ID Card , etc. )
2. Certificate of Origin
3. Freight List and Insurance Policy
4. Registration Information of Supplier ( Manufacturing Enterprise )
5. Customs Declaration and Tax Payment Invoice
6. Inspection and Quarantine Certificate of Commodities and Hygiene License
7. Power of Attorney of the Factory or Agency Agreement

Letter of Commitment for Settling in

Confirmation after the Investigation

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 110 Satisfaction Guarantee

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