STAS Network procedures draws on its many years of Corporate Finance, Securities Trading, International Banking, Financial Systems around the world and Electronic Transactions experience drive us to evaluate companies, prepare the proposed transaction materials, and close the transaction in our very specific way, where “CONTROL OF THE FLOW OF MONEY” is everything.

STAS Network has six phases of the process for direct investments management:

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Phase 1

Screening Referrals

STAS Network pursues Private Investment Opportunities referred through Banks,Venture Capital Firms, its network of Professional Banking Consultants, and Introduce-rs – all of whom are protected for their commission. STAS Network gathers insight into each Investment Opportunity, including its Business Model, Financial Prospects, Management Team, and of course the use of Funds. STAS Network also consults Industry Experts (if appropriate) regarding the Business Model and assesses Market conditions.

Phase 2

Assessing the Investment Opportunity

Using its proprietary data sheets, STAS Network will gather complete details about the Client’s business strategy, financial history, management structure, growth objectives, products, markets, competitive forces, and capital requirements. STAS Network then assesses the financing need in order to determine if the opportunity is compatible with the investment returns specific to the company’s industry.

Phase 3

Performing Due Diligence

STAS Network will then assemble a Team of Investment Professionals and, if necessary, Outside Advisers to perform the appropriate Due Diligence. The Due Diligence includes a thorough review of any and all aspects of the Client’s projects and review of any and all related documents. The outcome leads to a conclusion of “Go / No Go”, and if it’s a No Go, STAS Network works with the client to assess the weaknesses of the Project and try, in cooperation with the client, to remedy to the situation.

Phase 4

Supporting Investor Review

At STAS Network, a transaction moves forward, further to a positive Due Diligence. The Project is then submitted to STAS Network Executive Committee, and further to a positive recommendation, STAS Network then establishes the “Amount of Funding” to be provided by third investors or partners.

Phase 5

Supporting Market Place Activity

As “Advisor”, STAS Network responds to Corporate Investors inquiries as they review the proposed transaction, until the “Closing” of the transaction. The decision to move forward with a project essentially is based on the Client(s) determination to be “open” and approve to have an representation from STAS Network into their BOD during the process of financing and return of investment to our Partners.

Phase 6

Ensuring On Going Accountability

Once a Company/ Client has received its funding, it submits an On-Going Performance Report to STAS Network and its Financial Partner/ Funder/ Corporate Investors. These procedures include even a double signature control for the investment expenses and a site control 24/7 by our company or Partners.